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common among middle and high school age males. Acronym standing for Hard On for No Apparent Reason.
I can't go to the chalkboard to answer that question, I have a hofnar!
by fellmysminger October 23, 2009
acronym for Hard On For No Apparent Reason
He alwayse sits there with a hofnar.
by PYRO November 20, 2002
acronym for "hard on for no apparent reason"
Dude I was so embarrased in English class I get a huge hofnar!
by mgod May 26, 2006
An acronym for Hard On For No Apparent Reason.
I was sitting in church and realized I had be biggest HOFNAR. I have no idea why.
by Fast Gil October 26, 2009
Hard On For No Apparent Reason
Hey Paul its 10am and I have a HOFNAR, time to go to level 6 to sort it out
by Binster July 20, 2010
Dutch word for a Jester. A person to entertain the king by telling some lame jokes or doing something stupid.

Same as Hofnarr (German)

Also used to describe a person in Dutch Carnaval who wears some lame outfit (pointy hat, etc.) which resembles a hofnar from earlier time.
De hofnar vertelt alleen maar domme opmerkingen
(- The Jester only makes stupid remarks)
by krvabo December 02, 2007