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acronym for "hard on for no apparent reason"
Dude I was so embarrased in English class I get a huge hofnar!
by mgod May 26, 2006
the pubic hair on the region between the top of your legs, which is also known as the chode

this may also be called the underbrush
Guy: Today I waxed my under bush.
Guy2: Your what?
Guy: I waxed my chode, you know my underbrush?
Guy2: Oh the top area between your legs?
by mgod April 12, 2007
It is a combination of the words slut and egg. A sleg is a woman who decides it is a good idea to get knocked up as much as possible. She basically use her eggs to get on the Maury show and go through as many guys until she finds her child support check. They continue to do this until they have several children. A slegg usually has a very low iq and no other talents besides being able to bear children and maybe give a good blowjob.
Britney is such a slegg, shes had 7 babies with 5 different men and is married to Juan who works at the 7-11.
by mgod May 05, 2006

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