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Hall of Famer. Being on an internal work emailing list since the 2nd Feb 2004, and never having been asked to stop receiving emails up to 400 times a day.
Tak the dirty cr0d is a HoF.
by Shorny June 01, 2004
The word used in text speak meaning "Hall Of Fame"
Person 1:Wow look at the HOF
Person 2: Yeah, im number 3
by Bob12314235145614676436234622 November 22, 2006
HOF stands for House of Fun, A Call of Duty 2,Call of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2, and Counter Strike: Source clan that promotes respectful gaming. It has many members aging from young to old, and it was founded by Snake and Snot back in COD days.
Gamer: Want to go play on a terrible gaming server?
Friend: No, lets play on the HOF server, they are awesome.
Gamer: Ok, sounds cool, Snake and Snot are my heroes.
by HOFAngelfire April 15, 2008
The viscous brown spot left on the underpants of a person (usually male) upon passing wind following the act of unprotected sodemy
If I dont get to the toilet soon Im going to have a 'Hof"
by Bretts man August 11, 2010
A wannabe crew from Kettle Run that thinks they go hard, when really its just a bunch of bitches that wish they were.

It's really just a bunch of guys that go over to a house and sucks each other dicks.
Hey yo have you heard of H.O.F, there whack as fuck.
by f*ckyou:) June 01, 2011
The noise you make when you hump something or jump wildly around in the game Counter-Strike. Can and is mostly said "Hof Hof"
Dude a DVD burner: Hof Hof
by V-Spec September 08, 2003
Created in the CPH's suburbs in the 90's. Means when something is more than nice.
Hot damn....that girl is HOF!!
by Andrew & Jågger-J August 21, 2004

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