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when people cant stop being mad at a person even though the other person is done with the conversation
(p1) "shut the F**k up man aint no like your...."
(p2) "i dont care shut up"
(p3)"mane (p3) is hoeing"
by young thunda May 26, 2010
when a women walks aound the streets looking 2 get fucked fo' some money
Nick says 2 john..."was that ur mom hoeing down on main street last night?
by nick April 08, 2005
when you commit a disrespectful/hurtful act towards someone else.
girl: get away from me!

boy: awwww why you hoeing me??

boy: damn those shoes are old you need to retire em'

boy: you hoeing.
by slowed and throwed April 03, 2011
To Fry Someone, Make Fun Off, Cap on them
Why you always hoeing me?
by CBallin011 July 13, 2008