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When a women or sexually confused man (or family member in willows) not only inserts the full length of the erect penis into his or her mouth but also holds both balls in the mouth as well.
That girl was a pro she was hodging me while watching TV.
by The Newt April 01, 2008
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Adjective: Butting in to a conversation you have nothing to do with, just to insert your own opinion, often preceded by stalking around those conversing in anticipation

When Hodging is done properly, It will always be preceeded by the word "Hodging" in order to inform the group that you are about to seriously piss them off
Man: What do you think of the weather today?
Woman: Its lovely don't you agree?
"Hodge": Hodging! This one time, I was drinking Bud Light, at a Saint Louis Cardinals game... and who do you think showed up but NELLY!
by The Real Zman February 29, 2012
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