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rallying war cry, when no war exists.
Hodes Owns Yuo!!!!
by Zeke February 21, 2004
A monster from the MMORPG Ragnarok that looks like a giant thrashing purple penis that comes out of the sand to assault people with it's head.
Lost:OMFG Snaaaaaap! there is a hode and it's trying to raaaaaaaape meeeeee!
by Cris December 09, 2004
Usable as a noun, verb, or adjective.
Origin: Surname of an infamous professor.
1. The worst possible thing that could happen to someone.
2. A state of degeneration.
3. An exclamation following something bad happening to someone. See: owned
4. A formidable adversary.
-That guy's car got totally hodesed by that dump truck!
-This creamed corn looks like hodes.
-I'm gonna get reamed by hodes tonight.

(following some guy falling on his ass)
by Joel C. February 19, 2004
It means: ''What The F*ck'' It's Dutch.
''I have nude pictures of you''
''WhatHode, HowHode, Hode!''
by RealME October 30, 2009
A large quantity of hand rolled cigarettes.
"Hey, do we have enough smokes for tonight?"

"Rolled a hode, we'll be alright for a while."
by SteelWubbs December 25, 2011
A term used to describe the act of using wet wipes to clean excrement from your anus.
Dude #1: ewww do you smell that?
Dude #2: no
Dude #1: how do you not smell that?
Dude #2: smell what?
Dude #1: i know you farted Dude #2
Dude #2: so
Dude #1: it smells like you shit yourself
Dude #2: i did but i tp'ed
Dude #1: Fuck Dude #2, you gotta Hodes that!
by bleepblop December 06, 2008
A bastardization of the word "hold", used to indicate that you wish to hold the item (or person) in question immediately.
"Lemme hode it, I ain't the baby daddy!"
by misery September 01, 2003