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A monster from the MMORPG Ragnarok that looks like a giant thrashing purple penis that comes out of the sand to assault people with it's head.
Lost:OMFG Snaaaaaap! there is a hode and it's trying to raaaaaaaape meeeeee!
by Cris December 09, 2004
Usable as a noun, verb, or adjective.
Origin: Surname of an infamous professor.
1. The worst possible thing that could happen to someone.
2. A state of degeneration.
3. An exclamation following something bad happening to someone. See: owned
4. A formidable adversary.
-That guy's car got totally hodesed by that dump truck!
-This creamed corn looks like hodes.
-I'm gonna get reamed by hodes tonight.

(following some guy falling on his ass)
by Joel C. February 19, 2004
rallying war cry, when no war exists.
Hodes Owns Yuo!!!!
by Zeke February 21, 2004
It means: ''What The F*ck'' It's Dutch.
''I have nude pictures of you''
''WhatHode, HowHode, Hode!''
by RealME October 30, 2009
A large quantity of hand rolled cigarettes.
"Hey, do we have enough smokes for tonight?"

"Rolled a hode, we'll be alright for a while."
by SteelWubbs December 25, 2011
A term used to describe the act of using wet wipes to clean excrement from your anus.
Dude #1: ewww do you smell that?
Dude #2: no
Dude #1: how do you not smell that?
Dude #2: smell what?
Dude #1: i know you farted Dude #2
Dude #2: so
Dude #1: it smells like you shit yourself
Dude #2: i did but i tp'ed
Dude #1: Fuck Dude #2, you gotta Hodes that!
by bleepblop December 06, 2008
A bastardization of the word "hold", used to indicate that you wish to hold the item (or person) in question immediately.
"Lemme hode it, I ain't the baby daddy!"
by misery September 01, 2003
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