Back in the day there was a shitty sport named hockey that no one watched, but for some reason remained on telivision, then the players decided they wanted more money and the owners said "but we aren't making any money" so the NHL stopped being aired and now the world is finally pure, like when the beubonic plague died out or when the holocaust ended.
Fran "Did you watch the hockey game last night?"

Steve "Are you gay?"
by supah February 03, 2005
piece of shit game (purposely not using the word sport) that is only played by canadians, russians and idiot americans that sucked so bad it's not even on tv anymore.
Frank: I hate John.
Rick: Yeah, he's worse than shit-on-a-stick. (substitute shit-on-a-stick with hockey)
by eugene levy February 10, 2005

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