homeless person { a person who doesn'thave a home to live in}
she got chased by a hobo....
by Krazy T June 30, 2005
someone thatsmells like rotten decaying pineapples
"ahhhhhh!not the plastic turkey leg! damn hobo!ahhh..(wosh)
by karina November 25, 2003
A magical guy named Bob who lives in L.A. but wishes he lived in canada so that he could get free health care, but no... his grandpa had to move to L.A. so he could get a nicer cardboard box and so Bob would have to inherit a smelly old cardboard box
Bob the magical hobo wishes he lived in canada
by Bob, the magical hobo November 21, 2003
A term for a homeless man who wanders the railroad tracks and lives on the street. There were many of them in the first half of the 20th century, but now they are scarce. Hobos are also known as bums or tramps and can be beggers.
by Anonymous June 28, 2003
character from my horror movie, lives in train, some are nice (singing hoboes) and some are evil (stabbin hoboes) singin hoboes help you capture stabbin hoboes, and stabbin hoboes you can't see or hear, only smeel, but then it's too late and the knife is up you ass.
is that hobo singing or stabbin? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
by Stoner June 06, 2003
a bum basically. person living off scraps in da streets.
hey look over there chantelle's a hobo. shes gonna get hobo of da yr.
by shaza January 22, 2007
a popular type of clothing style, sometimes called bohemian
Have you seen the gold and silver hobo bags on sale at Target?
by Kim-Chan December 04, 2005

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