A term for a homeless man who wanders the railroad tracks and lives on the street. There were many of them in the first half of the 20th century, but now they are scarce. Hobos are also known as bums or tramps and can be beggers.
by Anonymous June 28, 2003
After a woman shaves her pussy, the hair gradually grows back. After four or five days, it reaches the hobo stage. After a week or more, the stage is called "sailor."
Example 1, he to her: "Oh, I see you're at the hobo stage again."
Example 2, she to him, "Watch out, there's a hobo down there!"
by Khizzar November 27, 2009
To steal something from someone with unspoken consent, derived from when a hobo takes something unwanted from a dumpster
Example 1:
Worker 1: Hey! That dirty shit is rummaging in our dumpster!
Worker 2: Aw, c'mon man, he's just hoboing some food.

Example 2:
Student 1: Aw fuck! I missed three pages of notes!
Student 2: Don't worry, you can hobo them off of me.
by [The Creator] April 25, 2009
homeless person { a person who doesn'thave a home to live in}
she got chased by a hobo....
by Krazy T June 30, 2005
a band. HOBO stands for high on body odor.
makes kick ass songs such as, "the color green" and "i live in a box"
started by diana
i went to a HOBO concert last night and almost cried, i was so happy. \m/
by ticonmyderoga January 07, 2005
1.An unkempt youth, generally has lots of hair/lice
2. A tramp, a homeless person
3. A scruffily affectionate version of the hobo
1.Gee Wiz, look at that for a hobo, a human dread maan.

2. Aww come 'ere yous great hobo.
by Noodle February 04, 2004
someone thatsmells like rotten decaying pineapples
"ahhhhhh!not the plastic turkey leg! damn hobo!ahhh..(wosh)
by karina November 25, 2003
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