Something you like to do and regard as a proud.
Tom, what is your hobby?
Nose picking.

Tom, what is your hobby?
Inventing, I am recently making a nose-picking machine, NP-18.1, which not only picks my nose, but also gives it massage and physical therapy, when I dont pick my nose, it works as an ipod.
by Chinesewoman May 01, 2008
Top Definition
a pastime, something you enjoy doing in your spare time
I take pride in my hobby - homemade bongs using my engineering degree
by pixiesandclover January 23, 2004
The patronizing of prostitutes.
He went to Argentina for his Hobby.
by Joe Coalman September 01, 2008
An activity that require to spend lots of money you don't have to do things you don't need to do.
HAM: Dude, check this brand new multi-band transceiver I've got. I've paid just $999 for it! Isn't that great?
non-HAM: Man, what for?!
HAM: well... you know... it's my hobby, duh.
by InnerBushman September 13, 2009
A random thing that you do in your spare time and it has nothing to do with the rest of your life.

Something that is senseless.

A thing that nobody except for you gives a shit about.
Jimmy's hobby is to collect stamps.
Yeah you guessed it he's a fag.
by Blah blah bLack shEe October 15, 2011
An activity you perform which is not working or sleeping.
"Do you have a hobby, Jane?"

"I enjoy painting Russian dolls and dissolving cadavers in my basement."
by James Butlerino March 13, 2013
Short for hoes and bitches.
My hobbies are expensive but keep them 'round.
by gizzag March 20, 2006
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