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Slightly more polite synonym for military terms like FUBB or FUBAR; totally screwed or technically disabled. Usually used in reference to a malfunctioning computer app or program. Generally personalized—"I'm hosed" rather than "This is hosed."
That program hoarked my system.
by Jerry April 07, 2003
24 20
1- To barf, vomit, regurgitate. 2- To steal.
That was a nasty lugie he hoarked. I'm sorry, I had to hoark your phone.
by CF & Waldo November 26, 2002
50 6
(verb) To pass through one's nose, typically by laughter. (Regional, used chiefly in the western United States.)
The joke was so funny that Zz hoarked his Mountain Dew.
by b1-66er September 27, 2005
23 11
1- To barf, vomit, regurgitate, especially in a particularly loud manner as if yelling, but hoarking may be done quietly as well.
Fuck man, pull over. I think Im gonna HOARK!
by theJeremiah July 03, 2005
10 7
Mechanical term. To apply excessive force or leverage to an object, often in an ill-advised way.
Use a longer wrench and a cheater bar and just hoark on that rusty nut until it breaks free.
by erratic schematic February 03, 2010
1 2
v. vomit, barf, heave, technicolor yawn, leave offering at the porcelain altar.
I got drunk and hoarked in the back seat.
by Sheik Yurbhutti September 17, 2003
5 6
eating only the topping of the pizza, leaving the crust
I'm on a low carb diet, so I hoarked the pizza slice.
by Dutch Schoenfeldt September 01, 2007
3 12