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1- To barf, vomit, regurgitate. 2- To steal.
That was a nasty lugie he hoarked. I'm sorry, I had to hoark your phone.
by CF & Waldo November 26, 2002
(verb) To pass through one's nose, typically by laughter. (Regional, used chiefly in the western United States.)
The joke was so funny that Zz hoarked his Mountain Dew.
by b1-66er September 27, 2005
Slightly more polite synonym for military terms like FUBB or FUBAR; totally screwed or technically disabled. Usually used in reference to a malfunctioning computer app or program. Generally personalized—"I'm hosed" rather than "This is hosed."
That program hoarked my system.
by Jerry April 07, 2003
1- To barf, vomit, regurgitate, especially in a particularly loud manner as if yelling, but hoarking may be done quietly as well.
Fuck man, pull over. I think Im gonna HOARK!
by theJeremiah July 03, 2005
Mechanical term. To apply excessive force or leverage to an object, often in an ill-advised way.
Use a longer wrench and a cheater bar and just hoark on that rusty nut until it breaks free.
by erratic schematic February 03, 2010
v. vomit, barf, heave, technicolor yawn, leave offering at the porcelain altar.
I got drunk and hoarked in the back seat.
by Sheik Yurbhutti September 17, 2003
eating only the topping of the pizza, leaving the crust
I'm on a low carb diet, so I hoarked the pizza slice.
by Dutch Schoenfeldt September 01, 2007
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