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A giant orgy inside,behind, or in the parking lot of a Wawa.
Meet me behind Wawa with a condom and a bitch, Hoagie Fest is here again.
by JayWat October 04, 2010

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A WaWa festival. Best hoagies out there for a great price. Just can't be beat.
I just got an amazing hoagie for $2.99 during WaWa's Hoagiefest!
by givemeadamnnameplease August 17, 2010
Hoagie-fest! is a CCSL event that is held one Tuesday every season in which the players of the league gather together in the park and engage in some tomfoolery. This year, the event is actually being held on the summer solstice. Stories are exchanged, beverages are consumed, and most importantly, we eat hoagies! Yay Hoagie-fest!
Hoagie-fest! was such a hit last year, there were individuals consuming beverages until 12:40 in the morning. A new CCSL record!
by C.S-ball June 21, 2011