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noun; person who enjoys the courtship of hos. He/She usually will delight in this pastime because of the ease with which a ho is conquered sexually.
"I'm not really a big ho-runner."
"My uncle used to drive a 'ho-runner'"
by Andrew October 12, 2005
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1) Big bodied domestic sedan or coupe. Preferably Lincoln, Cadillac, or Chevrolet Impala/Caprice, although Ford LTD or Chrysler Newports suffice. Vehicle may contain any or all of the following: Spoke rims, hydraulics, stereo system that (at loud volumes) can make rear view mirror detach from windshield, accumulate noise violation tickets, or make the screws holding the license plates on back out. In addition the vehicle favored as a hoe-runner can contain: window tint, more chrome than automobile, fuzzy dice, leopard print or leather interior, shag carpet, custom license plates (commonly referring to the vehicle as a pimpmobile or the driver as a pimp).
See: Pimpmobile
2) Person who enjoys the courtship of hos.
"I'm not really a big ho-runner."
"My uncle used to drive a 'ho-runner' "
by Pimp Daddy Danny Slick May 29, 2008
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