A check usually signified by an invisible check with index finger. Signifying someone has commited an act that puts them in complete Ho-Check.
A female who is "Whipped" by another female, and when acts in that fashion is in Ho-Check
Female 1: "I'm hungry, order me a pizza and some chicken wings, now, bitch."
Female 2: "Ok, let me pay for it though."
Male 1: "Ho-Check!"
by sh4rpie September 02, 2006
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often called out for assurance of your bitches being present.
Pimp- "Ho check!"
by zacccccc October 26, 2007
1: calling a person or people out in order to prove themselves; a more aggressive reality check
Sally was questioning Sandra's leadership. Sandra called her out later with a ho check.
by softlyspoken August 11, 2010
Called out amongst men when a hot chick is within eyeshot and in need of viewing.
Hottie with tig ol biggies walks bye...guy: Hey folks ho check
by Tonuff October 13, 2007
to bitch-slap someone, pref. a female.
You better watch yo'self, lest you want to get ho-checked, beyotch!
by Joanna May 14, 2004

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