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Using baby wipes to clean armpits, vagina, penis, butt crack when you don't have time to shower.
I hit the ladies room & took a ho bath before heading to happy hour.
by the wicked chica November 26, 2009
The act of whiping the armpits, vagina and buttcrack usually done after a prositute finishes with a client.
She whiped her cooch and pits and took another toke of crack. "Ho bath!" She exclaimed.
by Shawn W April 04, 2006
Washing your junk in the sink after sex then hitting the streets again!
"Damn, Rachael came home from her date with Johhny, took a ho bath then went to the clubs"

by Juicy K. Tore July 15, 2008
a Hobath...

a quick washing up
When you don't have time to take a shower, so you just take a Hobath...
For example a hooker will squat over a bucket and wash the face pits and crotch between johns
by BigMarilyn October 01, 2010