1. Horny Mother Fucker.
2. a name given to those that cannot keep it in their pants.
3. one that is extremely enthusiastic about anything and everything related to sex and/or sexual pleasure.
"Who is that girl? She's been getting dirty on the dancefloor all night."

"Oh, thats just KCoop, shes such an HMF."
by number1hmf November 22, 2009
HMFS - Helt mother fucking sinnes

Swedish way of saying you had a crazy wild night out or that your really really looking forward to a party your going to you know will be insane
- How was the night out?

- HMFS!!!!!
by llegends October 29, 2011
a strange thinking noise tht kids type when they have nothing else to say.
Like a sigh or gasp.
Instead Cool kids use HMF
by Raeeee(: December 23, 2008
Similar to commonly used abbreviations "HML" (Hate My Life)
This is an abbreviation of the expression "Hate My Foreskin", becoming widely used as a way of expressing one's disappointment, or feeling down in general.
Blaming one's foreskin is a lot harder to confuse for someone turning emo than the more popular HML
Guy 1 "Dude, I'm so failing my education, there's nothing i can do about it now, HMF"
Guy 2 "Same man, HMF too"
by FreeEarl April 25, 2011
a hot mother f****r. if not paired with another person, are usually sitting and playing video games all day, and is in a constant hunt for food. they're very passionate for what their interests are, they use much emphasis when telling stories, and rarely have boring moments. their hair is amazing and they are very seductive in their ways. they have the most beautiful eyes one will ever see. an hmf is always making perverted jokes, and the one listening is unmistakeably always laughing. commonly, an amazing person that one is very lucky to ever meet, and there is only one in eternity.
i'm in love with an hmf.
by i.o.l.v.m. June 17, 2009
Hallucinating Mother Fucker; A term applicable to a person who is under the influence of marijuana and/or alcohol and cannot keep their shit together. Some of the criteria for being an HMF is constantly talking or being really paranoid or annoying. One can be called a hallucinating-mother-fucker or HMF for short.

The term originates from the movie "Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood".
Look at this HMF

You were being an HMF last night dude

Chill out you HMF
by Lep in the Hood June 24, 2010
hustle made fellas
Them HMF niggas is real dope
by Taelyana August 27, 2008

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