Is a term google used to catch microsoft's bing stealing it's search results.

Stephen Colbert said it means "You got Served"
You got hiybbprqag
#hiybbprqag #served #google #bing #caught pants down
by MindCrack February 03, 2011
You got served.

Referring to Google using the word to catch Bing stealing their search results.
"Google planted fake words like hiybbprqag in their search engine, then watched them pop up in Bing's results a few months later. Evidently, hiybbprqag is a word meaning 'you got served.'" -Stephen Colbert

Microsoft... hiybbprqag
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by cwatts22 February 04, 2011
You've been served! stealing's search results. Google planted sting operations with fake words like hiybbprqag and Bing came up with the same results... which means now "hiybbprqag" is Google's way of saying "you've been served".
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by RadDJGuy February 03, 2011
A hiybbprqag is when search results and ranking order from one search engine get copied by another search engine. Seeing such results is known as "getting served" as coined by comedian Stephen Colbert.

The word was originally invented by the engineers at Google for use in a honeypot to catch people copying their results, and was purportedly copied by BING in the sting operation.
Jay - when I search on Bing for "swedish porn" I get exactly the same results as I do on Google?

Will - hiybbprqag, you got served dude.
#hiybbprqag #get served #bing #google #copy
by t3dd13 February 03, 2011
Bing getting served by Google
Google engineer: Got you Bing with our bing sting known as hiybbprqag
#served #pwnd #owned #called out #put on notice
by royjizzle February 02, 2011
A word designed by Google to make Microsoft look foolish.
Eric: What should we do about those result thefts?
Amit: We hiybbprqagg those bastards.
Eric: Plan.
#google #microsoft #steal #pwned #owned
by skeemret February 02, 2011
A word used as a synthetic search query to uncover Microsoft's Bing copying Google's search results.
A search for hiybbprqag on Bing returned a page about seating at a theater in Los Angeles. As far as we know, the only connection between the query and result is Google’s result page.
#google #microsoft #bing #cheating #stealing #search #results #query
by heydeblah February 01, 2011
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