The synthetic phrase, that proved Bing is copying Google search results
Google: hiybbprqag!
Bing: hiybbprqag! ... eh *Blush* *Tries not to appear caught*
by Jrq February 02, 2011
The act of one search engine catching another with it's pants down
Hey, did you hear? Google just caught Bing hiybbprqag!
by Jerry Yang February 05, 2011
noun- A term used in the tech industry, in particular with reference to Internet Search Engines. This term is a 'catch-all' phrase that is used to describe a word that is planted on a website by one search engine company in an attempted to catch another search engine company in duplicating search results.

Also known as a Internet Sting.

Used on the 2011 February 2nd episode of the Colbert Report on Comedy Central
In January of 2011 Google use the word 'Hiybbprqag' to discover Bing was duplicating the results from Google. Leading to Lawsuits.

Why don't you plant a Hiybbprqag to see if Bing is copying the search engine results that Google gets?
by Ozyamandais February 03, 2011
To be served by means of trickery.

Originated from Google's attempt to prove Bing was copying its search results/search suggestions
Bing got hiybbprqaged when Google set up fake spelling suggestions.
by iKrushYou February 04, 2011
A honey pot term used by Google to catch Microsoft's Bing copying their search results.

When you misspell a word in a search, Google tries to correct it for you. Sometimes, Bing would not catch the misspelling, yet would return the same first result as Google.

To test their hypothesis further, Google created fake spelling corrections, where the gibberish phrase would link to an unrelated page. They then searched for the phrase on Google, while using Internet Explorer with the Bing toolbar installed.
"Hiybbprqag" linked to the unrelated Wiltern Theatre.
A couple of weeks later, a Bing search for hiybbprqag turned up the Wiltern Theatre.

Similar things happened with "juegosdeben1ogrande" (jewelry website) and "delhipublicschool40 chdjob" (a bank)
by laofmoosnter February 02, 2011
'hiybbprqag' is how Google did sting Microsoft Bing.
Stephen Colbert on Microsoft's Copygate of Google search results: "'Hiybbprqag' Is A Word Meaning 'You Got Served'"
by asanny February 07, 2011
Is a term google used to catch microsoft's bing stealing it's search results.

Stephen Colbert said it means "You got Served"
You got hiybbprqag
by MindCrack February 03, 2011

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