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Japanese word that means "assassin".
The Hitokiri killed the town swordsman.
by Samurai Katsu September 03, 2003
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Used commonly with the famous samurai of the Bakamatsu Himura Kenshin.
Yo, you saw hitokiri battousai? Cat was flyin' at speedz 5-0 couldn't even top.
by hitokiri October 04, 2003
Japanese word, roughly translated "Assasin" Or "Murderer."
by New September 13, 2003
1. crazy mo'blikkin' assassin
2. reference to the famous assassin from the bakumatsu period
-The hitokiri killed my father. Prepare to die.
-"Don't make me get hitokiri on you!"
by anon August 26, 2003

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