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Major duchebag
"Hey lets kill 6 million jews even though i am half jewish"

"I like little boys"
"I killed Anne Frank"

Sincerely Hitler
by SIrmarcus November 16, 2010
20 27
to stick your finger up your butt and wipe in on a persons lip while they are sleeping to leave a brown mark
idk what to say about the hitler
by imahorn-e April 02, 2006
247 254
A douche everyone is glad is dead.
Hitler was Nazi, a Nazi Douchebag, Austrian Nazi Douchebag, a high school drop out, a failed painter, oh, and don't forget he killed 6 million Jews, Gypsies, Russian war criminals, Jehovah's witnesses, black people, and anyone that openly opposed him.

Oh, he also wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle).
by YoungSkywalker July 28, 2011
8 16
1. The human embodiment of pure evil.

2. A reason why condoms should be used more often.

3. Cruel, disturbed and incestuous.

4. One of the biggest hypocrites to ever exist.
If you met Hitler, you'd think the Devil had taken the form of a human being, he really was that much of a cunt
by Tranquilox July 18, 2011
7 16
1. A word used to describe a scum bag.
2. A synonym for Walt Disney
3. A fascist dictator who ruled over Germany and caused World War II.
1. "Dude, John is such a fucking Hitler!"
2. Janie: "Hey Amy did you watch the Hitler Channel yesterday?"
Amy: "Fuck yeah! I love Disney!"
Janie: "Especially the Jonas Brothers! They're so gay! <3"
3. Hitler was a dirty fucking cunt.
by Mr.CTxHC October 15, 2009
19 28
a name to describe a very mean or rude mother
Oh My God! My mother is HITLER!
by BranW February 23, 2011
4 14
What Cartman put on Butter's upper lip
Guy: Hey kid you got a little bit of shit on your upper lip.

Butters: What

Cartman: Hahahah You have a Hitler
by eca45 March 22, 2009
21 31