Getting a good deal on a '98 Lincoln.
It only had 60,000 miles on it when I bought in 2012 and no one had even sat in the back seat. I hit a lick.
by Onthedime January 17, 2014
1. To buy and take drugs.
2. Bang a girl while high on drugs.
3. Punk someone then bang their girl.
Originates in the hood from OGs.
Hitalick my nig.
I hitalick on her last night.
You hitalicked his punk ass.
by OG Loc November 26, 2004
Term where one makes a copious amount of money by facilitating a transaction of some sort.
(drug dealer raver1) I just sold them kids a hundred pack of beans for like 2300.00. (drug dealer raver2)You just hit a lick off dem cats!

I just hit a fuck1n lick from selling that sled to them old foaks!
by Un10nCarb1d4 May 08, 2009
(v.) Masturbation in prison.
ex: " Mayn bro I hit a lick when my celly was out at yard.!"
by Blameitnoaim September 14, 2011
to get a large amount of drugs
Dawg im finna go hit a lick
by soiceyboys January 21, 2009
make a drug deal or sale
Where my weed? I got to hit a lick real fast.
by lilbit May 04, 2005
selling drugs to someone
Ill be right back i have to go hit a lick
by thizzgodesss July 24, 2006

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