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To 'hit the hay' is to go to sleep.
I'm tired, I'm gonna hit the hay.
by Eroticus Prime July 14, 2005
410 42
Another way to say go to sleep when it is dark.
"It's getting late. I am ready to hit the hay."
by TIGGY :) December 08, 2013
9 4
When a man jacks off in an abnormally rushed fashion resulting in his hand smacking against his pubic hairs
"I'm going to hit the hay, then go to sleep"
by Seattlesea12 March 21, 2012
20 81
Having Sex with a Farm Girl
After having drinks at the local Hic Bar, the Cowboy grabbed a local girl to "Hit the Hay" with.
by FORDTUFFF November 05, 2009
38 180
go smoke a joint or a bowl....go smoke out
"Me and Dave are going to go hit the hay nig"
by Jeff favs March 31, 2005
26 233