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An intense report describing how history has been recorded and changed throughout the years.
usually used as a form of punishment unnessecarily.
Teachers tend to include ridiculous requirements such as:
-minimun of 100,000 pages
-no words like be, been, being, was, it, or you
-due in 2 weeks from the given date
Extreme cases of these reports include nausea, bleeding through the fingernails and elbows, unconrtollably checking the time and date, anxiety attacks, hyperactivity, red eyes, loss of sleep, inability to stop your fingers miming the typing motion, slight moaning, and sometimes even death.

Joe- "Hey Bob!"

Bob- "Hey Joe! What's up?"

Joe- "Mr. S. gave us this new assignment called a 'historography report'. it sounds fun!"

*loud gasp*
*books drop to the floor*

Joe- "Where did Bob go?"
by Super Ruth April 16, 2008
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