A gravity bong. Easily made using a two litre bottle and a bucket filled with water. You put a bowl in the top of the bottle and cut off the bottom of the two litre bottle. Then, you submerge the bottle in the water until the bowl is the only piece of the bottle that is not submerged in water. As you burn the marijuana you pull up the two litre bottle until it is filled with the sweet, sweet marijuana smoke. When the bottle is filled it should be a dark grey color because the smoke will be so thick. Next you take the bowl out, put your mouth over the bottle opening, and push the bottle down, thus quickly filling your lungs with a massive toke. If you do Hiroshimas correctly, it will only take a few hits to fuck you up.
Me and Jamal got fucked up after two Hiroshimas each.
by Cobert December 25, 2005
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1. One of two places on earth where a nuclear bomb ("little boy") was intentionally dropped by the United States Government on a populated area. 200,000 people are estimated to have died by the bomb.
2. A city in japan that was heavily damaged by nuclear attack during World War Two. It was rebuilt and today it is a thriving city.
Hiroshima was the city where they dropped the bomb.
by robotcity April 24, 2006
In Japanese: ?? or ????
A very nice coastal city in the Hiroshima province of japan. Many people visit peace park, a memorial of the a-bomb that was dropped by americans.
Let's take the bullet train to Hiroshima
by Young Trubz August 18, 2005
One of two Japanese cities on which an atomic bomb was dropped by the USA to end World War II. 140,000 Japanese civilians were killed, but one must also consider the many more civilians that would have died had the US commenced a land invasion of Japan and not all would have had as quick a death. This action was simply the lesser of two evils for both nations.
Next time a weaboo complains about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, just reference the 15+ MILLION Chinese civilians that died during the Japanese invasion and occupation of China. Not to mention countless other atrocities which the Japanese continue to deny or equivocate to this day.
by Loter February 27, 2008
the act of hanging your ass over the edge of a tall building and taking a shit on people below while screaming " HIROSHIMA " .
I went the Mall at dropped Hiroshima.
by pro-cp February 26, 2008
When your friend goes in your bathroom and takes a large shit that vaporizes anyone in a 10 mile radius and leaves a radioactive aftermath of disgusting scents.
(One day, Wakime walked into his house, and got the suprise of his life)

Wakime: Hey mom, I just bought that shirt I like, and... JESUS CHRIST!

(Wakime stopped in his tracks to see his girlfriend Rachel go in his bathroom, drop her pants, and sit on the toilet, not even taking time to close the door)

Rachel: HIROSHIMA!!!


(But it was too late, Wakime had been converted to nuclear vapor by his girlfiends explosive diarrhea.)
by Mother Fucker Extrodinaire February 15, 2009
The place where the longest killstreak in history was made
Hiroshima was the biggest killstreak in history
by Qinetix September 18, 2011
1. An EXTREMELY large fart that causes vibrations in your body or surrounding objects
Teacher: you gave your son chipotle last night didn't you?
Parent: yes, why
Teacher: he dropped a Hiroshima in class and we all had to leave for the whole day
by Promeo April 30, 2014
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