To cum on a persons face and eyes
I gave her a Hiroshima. I came on her face, there was a blinding white light then millions dead
by Timmah08 December 30, 2007
When you mix 1 gram of speed with 1/2 gram of Cocaine and bomb it.
Please note that this is not for the beginners, as the name implies it will wipeout your brain and body.
local drughead: damn I just ate a Hiroshima, I think my heart is going to explode. Do you wanna hear my life story dude? *eyes flying around and jaws chewing on invisible gum*
by Farf July 29, 2006
A terrible war crime that no one was tried for. Victors justice.
"hey, we just killed 90'000 men, women and children in hiroshima with a huge atomic fireball."

"you guys are hero's, have a medal"
by ashteroid May 07, 2007
An urban saying that describes one's bowl movements. Also referred to as "H-Bomb"
Damn, I've got to drop a Hiroshima
by NcA March 16, 2005
Ok,When you jizz in this hot bitches mouth and then say "Baby there's more so close your eyes" and then you ram your fist down her throat so semen splashes everywhere and then you have yourself a hiroshima.
*Note*:Fabro is not responsible for any accidents that occur during this awesome form of Bukkake.
Fabro:Close your eyes baby
Girl:Ok but no Hiroshima's
Fabro:Ok...(Rams Fist Down Throat)
Girl:You ASSHOLE!!!
Fabro:Holy Crap Your a MAN!!!
by Fabro May 10, 2006
the city in Japan, that the U.S. (yeah boii) kicked the lving shit out of with nuke...fuck u zipperheads
Hiroshima just got knocked the fuck out!
by btombomb May 09, 2006
The expulsion of smoke after hitting a bong. The smoke forms into a mushroom cloud and is meant to be blown onto bystanders
Trevor Hiroshima'd Ming on the last hit.
I set of a wicked Hiroshima the other night, Chaz was tearing
by ShaggyDragon23 July 25, 2015

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