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A hippopotamus living in an urban zoo unsheltered from mainstream culture.

Also a fat hipster.
Zookeeper: A hipsterpotamus and many other species of hipsterpotami tend to sport thick black-framed shades while basking in their warm shit-infested pond.

Orson: Sick.
by Paco43 July 18, 2011
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A very large hipster in skin tight clothing and a handlebar mustache
"Dude. Check out the skinny jeans on that hipsterpotamus. So incredibly wrong.
by Pageboy May 07, 2014
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A Derogatory term for hipsters, A hipster that is too hip for hipsters
Tim: Man I hate hipsters!

Hipster: Yeah i hate hipsters their so gay, im way better
Keegan: Your a friken hipsterpotamus you hipster fag.
by JimScene September 20, 2010
4 10