A slandering term used by a non trendy, boring person, used for any person that has any sense of style whatsoever.
i wish i could pull off an outfit like that." "no you dont. she just looks like every other hipster with fake glasses and a flannel.
by beannieee October 12, 2010
The only definition of a "hipster" is that he is a person who can stand on certain street corners in any foreign big city in the world and connect for pot or junk without knowing the language, it all makes you want to go back to America to Harry Truman's face.

As defined by Jack Kerouac in Desolation Angels (book two, part one, chapter seventeen)
whole gangs of mexican hipsters mill around, most of them with mustaches, all broke, quite a few of italian and cuban descent. some of them even write poetry, as i found later.
by Bull Hubbard May 01, 2010
Hipster is a variant of scene where they are less elitest but tend to be more obnoxicious at the same time. They step away from the "rap" and "crunx" thing from scenes and go more twoards power-pop, techno, and/or electronica groups such as Metro Station or Mindless Self Indulgence. The clothing styles, to many people, look the same as scenesters. They claim to be non-conformest and free thinkers, and will trash any other group if they pose off of hipster at all, even though most of the groups came before hipsters. An average hipster may dress in the scene style to a point, have snakebites or some other facial piecering, a scene or emoish hairdo, and wear some clothing item that went out of fasion in the 70's or 80's. Not all locations have hipsters, however. It depends on what music genres reign suprime in that location.
Hipsters don't know how to mosh at concerts!

Many preppy girls like hipster music.
by Kyle (CMK) October 27, 2008
-disaffected and apathetic attitude
-cynical and pessimistic
-seen at trendy places until you get there
-use new slang two years before you hear it ("bling")
-you probably think they're lame when you meet them but then you discover they're the ones people are following.
that tight pants coffee smelling guy who you want to watch on the bus but are too scared of getting caught
Yet another clique for people who can't develop an identity of their own.
Hipsters are no different from goths, emos, bogans, backpackers and surfies.
by freebooter December 14, 2010
a hip person
"i don't understand why everyone hates people that wear shoes that aren't uggs so much."

"because they are hipsters."

"but that girl is just wearing a black sweater and jeans."

"but the jeans aren't hollister."
by everyone calm down March 22, 2009
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