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2 definitions by jescoelvis

Vermont / New England saying for when an item or person is so messed up, broken, worthless that it is no longer useful and is essentially junk.
by jescoelvis March 05, 2011
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Anyone who thinks hipsters are from a young age group essentially consider themselves a brand of "hipster" but are in fact merely blissfully, painfully unaware of anything outside of their little uninformed, age-ist universe.

Vintage hipsters (yes, over 35 years old!) still enrage the status quo and run around in black pants like they are cooler than anything going. Don't worry, kids!, all of your complaining and dislike of all these little sub groups that mean next to or absolutely nothing will continue to plague you for the rest of your life, lucky you!
Think we can get into the Maryann Faithfull concert at St Ann's, or will it be sold out to HIPSTERS?
by jescoelvis October 23, 2006
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