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A form of fully-clothed sexual intercourse, usually practiced by hipsters, who prefer it because it allows them to leave their ultra-tight jeans on during the act. (The process of removing the jeans may take several hours to complete, by which time the need or desire for sex could be dissipated.)
"What are those two people doing? It looks like they're writhing around on top of a copy of Pitchfork magazine, interlocked but fully-clothed."

"It's just hipster sex. Leave them to it."
by hipster_of_the_month November 29, 2012
Hipster sex is when one of the male parties comes, as would any hipster, before it was cool.
"How was that?"
"Pretty awful. He came before it was cool"
"Oh, so it was Hipster sex!"
by Anonymouths66 October 05, 2013
Having sex with a hipster who points out obscure details while banging about your naked body.
I had hipster sex last night and he kept pointing out how he loved the curves of my ears and how soft my toes were!
by We_are_samanthas April 26, 2011
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