Hard nipples, the cause of cold weather, an alternative to stipples
Beth: William, you appear to have hipples
by herpaderp222 March 12, 2011
Top Definition
a hickey on a woman's nipple
Matt: what is that on Ellen's chest?

Nick: Just looks like a hipple to me.
by HandsomeJohn March 29, 2009
Hipples is a name commonly used for someone who wears their pants/shorts above that of normal individuals. Generally, the top of the pants/shorts rest somewhere between the hip line and the nipple line, but most definitely more apparent when worn closer to the nipple line. You can also refer to this person as "The Jodemeister". Other characteristics describing this individual include wearing very "loud" shirts and ties, having Kung Fo Fighting as your cell phone ring tone, as well as having worked for Integra in Dallas.
Have you seen hipples today...he is pulling a 3.7 on the hipplemeter.
by T. McGee August 09, 2006
When you walk on the heels of your feet.
Little brother: let's hipple!
Me: wut the heck does that mean?
Little brother: like dis! (Walks on his heels)
by Pastelpixels13 January 19, 2016
The Heart of the nipple, used especially when one is poked in the center of the nipple
to keep your bitches in line you have to perfect the poke in the hipple.
by kingddde44 September 15, 2010
The heart of the nipple, as quoted by elena when poked on the eve of september 15th
you gotta poke that bitch in the hipple to show her who is boss
by Homecoming king11 September 15, 2010
When a womans breast sag so much her nipples touch her hips.
Don't put your arms around grandmas waist cause you'll touch her hipple.
by mccord312 March 07, 2009
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