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An old person's word to describe sex
Daughter-in-Law: Hello.
Mother-in-law: Hello dear, when you called the first time, your father and I were in the middle of the hippity dippity.
by listen-to-da-b August 17, 2003
The act of sexual intercourse.

Also used to exclaim excitement usually accompanied with expletives.

Used to affirm a question that is obvious.

Sometimes shortened to Hippity D.
"How about we hippity - dippity?"
"Hippity Mutha Fuckin' - Dippity!"
"Those roses are gorgeous!" "Hippity- Dippity"
"Hippity Ding Dong Dippity!"
"Honey did you take out the trash?" "Hippity - Dippity"
by Trophyus April 08, 2008
A word that means please but makes the user feel like an asshole. When anyone actually say this most laugh at them.
Girl:can you get me that?
Guy: say please
girl: please
guy: now say hippity dippity
girl: hippity dippity
group: wow you actually said that what a loser hahaha
by the purple people January 20, 2009
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