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Used when expressing extreme excitement or joy, especially in reference to the anticipation of spousal abuse. This word can be used as a response to nearly any question.
'Ralph to the Cramden!!!!'
'Raaaaaaaaaaallllllppppphhhh' (answered by spouse) 'Craaaaaaammmmmdeeeeennnnn'
'Honey, where is my lube?' 'Cramden!'
by Trophyus April 08, 2008
The act of sexual intercourse.

Also used to exclaim excitement usually accompanied with expletives.

Used to affirm a question that is obvious.

Sometimes shortened to Hippity D.
"How about we hippity - dippity?"
"Hippity Mutha Fuckin' - Dippity!"
"Those roses are gorgeous!" "Hippity- Dippity"
"Hippity Ding Dong Dippity!"
"Honey did you take out the trash?" "Hippity - Dippity"
by Trophyus April 08, 2008

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