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Hiphophip is a medical malady usually surfacing in the senior years of hiphop fans. Research has shown that hiphophip has been directly linked to "drooping." As the pants are worn lower, the legs tend to spread to wider abnormal stance to prevent the pants from falling. Prolonged drooping generally results in hiphophip. To date the only known cure is to raise the level of the pants to the waist level and incorporate a belt like device. Reverting back to a normal stance & stride should correct the problem.
When that dude get's old, he's gonna have hiphophip
by sneel1 September 19, 2009
a girl with uncommonly wide hips accompanied with a big booty.
dude 1: did you see those hip-hop-hips on that girl in the club last night?
by ilovrustyshackleford November 27, 2013
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