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pronunciation: "hipe-titus"
refering to one of more hippie stereotype, hipetitis commes in three forms:
hipetitis A, hippetitis B, and Hippetitis C. Hippetitis A is the worst and hippetitis C is the most mild. these descriptions will help you discern the different levels of hippetitis you are incountering:
one seen wearing a headband with dreadlocks, and a hackie sack would be considered hippetitis A. Hippetitis B would probably be more of a person with a frisbee, and a hackie sack.
Hippetitis A however can be more difficult to spot, just a tie-dyed shirt can indicate hippetitis A.
"dude, check that guy with the marley cranked and the hackie sack goin.... its a total case of hippetitis."
by schmuckey MCduckey June 20, 2005
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