1, A person who is extreamly cool and pulls the chicks!
2, The anti-hipcat's are the nerds, who hate the outdoors and the opposite sex and would rather make love to their computer or x-box.
3, the wannabe-hipcats, the people that are cool but cant pull the chicks but everybody likes. An alround nice guy.
NOTE: A female CaNnOt be a hipcat
1. "WHOA look at that hipcat go!"
2. "That hipcat pulls the chicks like metal to a magnet!"
3. "Those darn hipcats are so not hot. I think i will go and re-program my computer"
by Wadup February 27, 2005

4 Words Related to hipcat

Hipcat1: See Ben or Mick.

Hipcat2: A really funkadelic and radical and hip person that you strive to become exactly like.
Ben and Mick are the two coolest hipcats ever.
by Assman Bob February 21, 2004

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