Realting to the female fanny minge, can also be used to describe anything or anyone filthy.
Look at that dirty hinge it smells like a haddock pasty
by Bean, Dave May 16, 2005
Top Definition
A word meaning "Let's get out of here". It originates from its reference to hinges on a door, implying that one will swing the door open and leave.
"This joint sucks. Hinges."
"Dude, you just punched that hipster and the bouncer is coming over. Hinges!"
by Jelly Bean Miller December 10, 2009
The "Hinge" is the bend or crease in the jeans were the ass joins the leg in hot females. The hinge is most prominent in girls that are adourning jeans accompanied by a nice pair of Uggs. The hinge is not very complex, but it can be appreciated and ranked as any other female characteristic may be ranked. The hinge may also be considered the liasion of the leg and butt. It is most noticeable when the girl is standing...the girl's butt will overlap her hamstring causing a hinge or crease. It is also the spot in which a tanning bed will not reach.
Check out that chick in those skinny jeans and UGGs...her hinge is so nice.
by HingedUGGs February 14, 2010

A cigarette, coffee, drink, cone, or anything one is requesting from another.

Origin: "Schindler's List"
"Make me a hinge, bitch!"

-Alfred Einschtein
by Daniel Beattie January 29, 2004
To set up mutual friends on a date.
I hinged John with Sarah. She's totally his type.

You need to hinge me with your friend Julie. She's a fox.
by pacovercucco May 23, 2012
The part of a female's anatomy where the butt meets the upper leg and overhangs, often creating a crease, if the former is large enough. The size of this overhang of the booty is dependent on their size and the protrusion of the arsecheeks.
(At the beach)

A: Hey bro, check out the hinge on her!
B: Goddayum, I'd open that out in no time.
by Wagwanathon March 11, 2014
A person who is prone to subscribing to both magazines, ergo, someone who has bisexual tendencies. Can be used for a male bisexual or a female bisexual. The term comes from the properties of a hinge - which when unttached, can swing both ways.
Yeah, I heard Opie's a hinge. He's been seen playing tonsil hockey with Patricia. That was one day after swappin spit with Adam.
by Leif June 07, 2005

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