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The word hilmer is an rather unknown synonym for the word noob or newb. A hilmer is so to speak a person being incredible bad at something. the word hilmer is not only used in gaming situations, but like its synonyms, it can describe people or their actions in real life.

Hilmer is not only an adjective but also a verb wich can be seen in the examples. it is unknown from where the word traces back to, but it is said that there were acctually a player at the game "counter-strike" known by the alias hilmer who was so bad people used his name as a synonym for noob.
guy 1: wtf are you doing? stop being such a hilmer.

guy 2: I sorry I'm jut a bit off my game tonight.

guy 1: yeah, yeah, just stop hilmering and get your shit straight, we need to win this!
by karjes June 21, 2011
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