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something so hilarious that it needs 8 tentacles to contain its hilarity. also used as a synonym for "mad funny" or "extremely hilarious"
dude that movie was fucking hilariopus
by octolarious October 19, 2009
Adj, Mostly synonymous with hilarious or hilarioose or hilario but implies stronger feeling- MORE hilarous than hilarious things.

Word developed to refer to the hilarity being supported by the world's Octopus population (cue the 'Pus' ending), and as we all know Octopi are serious critics when it comes to comedy- so it must be fucking hilarious.
1) "Dude, that new stand up is hilario!" "Naw man, my octopus loved him too- hes HILARIOPUS!"
by Fiobabyfizz March 01, 2009
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