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an native American last name which means 'the tall ones' Pocahontas great granddaughter married a hightower, who had a son who married a white woman, eventually hightowers became slave owners in northern kentucky, and becuase most slaves took the last name of the owners when freed, many african americans have the last name.
the hightower family has a heavy accent
by emaline2013 July 18, 2009
Refers to an NCAA referee Ed Hightower. Not content with the athletes having the spotlight, Hightower will make an excessive number of calls to take control of the game. It will often result in one team being screwed, with a massive difference in fouls and free throws.
Name -- "Shit, Hightower is reffing the game tonight."
"I really don't feel like listening to that douche blow his whistle all night."
"Yeah, that guy pisses me off, let's go play laser tag."

Verb -- "The Raccoons got totally Hightowered in that game last night. Boy, they really got screwed."
by Jompee May 21, 2008
A tall man with a small car who takes out the driver seat out and sits in the back to gain leg room. Noted after the excessively tall Private Hightower from the police academy movie, when he learns to drive.
your like 6'6"! you'll never fit in that geo metro, unless you hightower it...
by Kevintastic January 02, 2007
taking a crap in the tank of the toilet instead of the bowl so when an unsuspecting victim pees and flushes, shit fills the bowl
"He got a high tower when he went to take a piss."
by sanno February 02, 2008
High Tower means someone who is extreamly tall. It is also used as a nick name or to be offencive to people who are tall. Someone that is over 6ft 5Inches is a High Tower.
"Oi High Tower, Whats the weather like up there?"
"C'mon High Tower"
by CraigT May 17, 2008
someone who buys something at full retail price and returns it and rebuys it for a discounted price.
dude i pulled a hightower on these subs!
by Dobbsbrian999 April 29, 2008
A tall girl who is awesomely badass. Caring, sensitive, doesn't want to hurt anyone. Loves to party and have fun. Nobody can top her!
Yea that's Hightower, the girl who likes to have fun
by CoCoJoyce18 July 10, 2008
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