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n. hi-pif-eny
1) the feeling of epiphany often experienced when high from smoking marijuana

2) a dramatic realization, false or otherwise, that occurs when one is in such a state
1) Last night, when we had smoked out of the hookah for probably three hours and started talking about the nature of time and space, I experienced a highpiphany. All of a sudden I realized that the secret to time-travel had been hidden in plain sight for as long as anyone could remember. All one had to do to send a letter into the future was write it so that it could be found later, like a time capsule. After explaining this concept they said, "Dude, so you discovered the secret to time-travel and all it consists of are Post-It notes?"

2) After getting high I realized that there was a word which so-perfectly described my favorite aspect of stoner culture it must already exist and be in use. I researched online and discovered that I had created the word "highpiphany" during a highpiphany.
by Professor Seagull June 23, 2008
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