what shoes are called
I need some flat, black braids for my highlighters.
by T.mo April 05, 2008
Top Definition
A person or persons who are physically and visually less attractive than you while you stand next to them. Producing a visual that highlights you because of their dullness.
Mikey is my hightlighter, so I bring him out to the clubs with me all the time.
by TonyG July 29, 2004
A writing utensil that uses a sponge filled with flourescent fluid and not ink, therefore not a pen
Cartman> Eh guys, this is a high-light-er, not a pen!
Kyle> your fat Cartman
by Mr. Mofo August 19, 2005
Magical pens used to take away a smartass attitude.
"Man, that dude needs a highlighter right about now. He's a dick.
by Smush S. November 02, 2010
When some kid wears way too many neon clothes every day and he/she will probably get a seizure when they look down
Wow no wonder Jordan has epilepsy, they are such a highlighter
by King___kong November 20, 2015
the lighter that you use when you get high.
hey you got a lighter? no..... oh dont worry we got the high lighter in the bag.
by Matt fluffing Heady April 19, 2007
A lighter specifically designated to be used in the act of becoming chinese eyed or lookin like your from Hong Kong.
"Grab the highlighter, im about to look hong konganese for a bit"
by ese2high July 30, 2008
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