An idea you get when you're high. It's usually crazy and far fetched.
"Dude, I got the craziest highdea when we were smoking yesterday!"
by Codykinz98 February 25, 2014
An idea you have while high that is amazing, even world-changing, that you promptly forget because of your state of highness
Dude, I had such a great highdea last night and I forgot to write it down!
by Buttsy March 08, 2014
An idea/inovation inspired and construed by an individual who is in an altered state of mind. Later examination revelals that the idea was not so great.
Last night while sitting around the bong with my friends I came up with this awesome HIGHDEA to make a floating phone so they cannot fall and break. The next day I realized that things can't float in real life.
by jolebaytinz May 27, 2010
Ideas that are so dumb, That you can only think of them after you get blazed.
Christian "Hey, Give me some oreos!"
Bryce "That's a bad highdea man.."
by CreamOfBryce March 18, 2011
to add the activity of smoking marijuana to your current or future activity
Josh says, "How could this movie be better?"

Richard says, "I've got a highdea about that."
by Home Grown March 15, 2008

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