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1. Upward in altitude. Located toward the observer's zenith.

2. Upward in geographic elevation.
3. Shorter term for High School.

4. The type of Lander in which there can only be one.

5. Most importantly and commonly used as an adjective to indicate that a person is under the influence of a controlled substance. It can be applied to any drug as long as it is not commonly supplied for recreational use. For something to be a drug, it has to be a chemical with an active effect on the body without being a nutrient, vitamin or mineral. So one can get high on fumes, medications, plant chemicals like THC, Fungal toxins found in mushrooms, synthetic chemicals like LSD, fermented waste materials, and animal biochemicals like adrenogland secretions. Please note that nicotine and alcohol use are not indicated by the word "high." For alcohol, the word used is "drunk" and for nicotine, the effect is so mild, it is almost never referred to at all.

6. Most of the time, "high" is used for being under the influence of Tetrahydrocannibinol, more commonly known as Marijuana or pot. For clarity, most speakers will indicate what drug is being used by adding the word "on" followed by the drugs name.

Side note: The reason why this definition is so long, is because I am high on an amphetamine derivative prescribed by a shady doctor.
1. That hot air balloon is so high.

2. Snow can usually be found high in the mountains.
3. I went to Marina High. Now I have aids.

4. There can only be one Highlander.

5. Straight guys will suck you off if you get them high first.

6. Prima: "Dude, are you high? You said you were out of pot."

Secunda: "I AM out of pot, so I got high on cough syrup."
by Dickhounder June 25, 2012
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There are several phases to getting high off marijuana:
1. Head Change: after hitting it once or twice you start to feel somewhat light, maybe carefree, or that you're head is buzzing
2. Chillen- you are suddenly calm and relaxed
3. Buzzin- things might start to be funny and suddenly everything seems to be from a different perspective
4. HIGH- you've finally achieved your goal! you're probably laughing at every word that comes out of your friend's mouth and your eyes are probably bloodshot and squinty by this point- congrats!
5. Trippin- this state is past high- and you usually have to smoke a lot more to achieve this state. You're probably start saying weird things and having insane thoughts. This can also be associated with a body high where you feel crazy sensation- uncontrollable laughter is still taking place
6. FAAADDEEDDD- where youre so faded that all you can say is BRO, IM FAAAADDDEDD
7. So Fucking High- this is usually where you are simply too retarded to do anything other than laugh at stupid shit or listen to music and eat. This is a great point, but the comedown is probably going to be a bitch
8. Baked/Stoned- after achieving a great high, this phase is the begginning of the comdown where all you want to do is eat and sleep.
"That chronic made me choke, shit that aint a joke"
"You high?"
by k lacito April 27, 2009
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A wonderful state of mind. Its like you become aware and unaware of your surroundings more.

I've noticed that there can be silences among the smokers after smoking, of which is not an awkward silence, but that everyone is merely in such deep thought, that there is no need for conversation. Then someone will speak up and say some random thing and there will be a 10 minute long conversation about it by everyone.

I've also noticed that the song "I want you (she's so heavy)" by The Beatles is a wonderful song to listen to while stoned.

pretty much it is the most wonderful and fun feeling you can ever have.

so go buy some weed, light a joint, and toke up.

Smoker 1: "This is some dank weed"

Smoker 2: "Oh shit, im so high right now"
by Rockinoutt January 07, 2009
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The best state to be in. It's the best feeling in the world. Here are some effects.

1. You start feeling really funny.

2. Sometimes you feel as if your body is shaking cause some parts of your body might start getting tingly or numb.

3. You laugh at everything, even the simplest of things, such as your cat meowing.

4. If you're getting in bed with your laptop and you're trying to get in a nice comfortable position, you feel like you're having an epic fight with your laptop (happened to me).

5. You start conversations with people on facebook or AIM that you most likely wouldn't do if you weren't high, simply because you're high and you're not worried about anything bad happening. For that moment, you're not shy or reluctant to talk to them.

6. You're not afraid to risk awkwardness or embarrassment.

7. Everything just feels so wonderful.

8. You feel really optimistic about everything. You don't have any bad thoughts.

9. You feel as if nothing can possibly go wrong.

10. Masturbation feels 10 times better. Seriously, jacking off while you're not high can't even remotely compare.

11. You feel really good about life, period.

12. Food tastes fucking amazing.

13. Movies become 10 times funnier.

14. Life is good.
guy 1: dude i tried calling you like 12 times last night...
guy 2: oh sorry man haha, i was busy jacking off for an hour...i was high too

guy 1: FUCKIN SWEET!!!
by hockeydude38 January 27, 2010
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what you should aspire to be for a good 99% of your waking hours.what i am right now,and always will be!it's a fabulous feeling...like curling up under one of those heated blankets on a really cold day.it's really hard to explain.it's something you need to experience to truly define.
"we smoked a most fantastic blunt and we're so high we had sex...for hours"

"the six-footer always hits the spot,and gets me high in one hit"
by tori d December 06, 2007
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a warm fuzzy dreamlike state
high high high amazing
by ashtree February 06, 2007
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The feeling you get when you take drugs.
Don't drink and drive, smoke weed and fly high.
by psycho bitch March 08, 2004
34 25
When you first forget that you are high. Then remember that you are high. Question if you really are high. Then you realize that you are talking to yourself and that you are high.
*giggle* I am so fucking highhhhh...i think.
by pimpwithamission January 17, 2010
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