Under the influence of marijuana. Everything seems to slow down, and become better. Music seems much better, and you seem to understand it more. While high people may experience enhanced creativity and artistic skills. A high individual can still function, however he/she will not be crisp. Some people are able to drive as good as normal, because they are aware of the imparement, and are able to control themselves. A high can last from 40 minutes to several hours, depending on the quality, strain, and method of smoking(pipe, joint, blunt, bong, blades, lungs etc.) New users may experience a bad high, panic attacks, very red eyes, and coughing their heads off.
I got so high today, I felt like I was on a boat.
by Spliffy LongBlunt June 27, 2006
1. High
2. Blazed
3. Stoned
4. Baked
5. Goofy
6. Trippin’
7. Blitzed
8. Burnt
9. Mellow
10. Chillin’
11. Toasted
12. Ripped
13. Roasted
14. Blasted
15. Fucked up
16. Gone
17. Lit
18. Feeling good
19. Buzzed
20. Crispy
21. Faced
22. Bonged
23. Wacky
24. Spliffed
25. Smoked
26. Blunted
27. Bonked
28. Fried
29. Retarded
30. Faded
31. Stupid
32. Grassed
33. Smashed
34. Doped
35. Happy
36. Cheesin’
37. Soaring
38. Bombed
39. Twisted
40. Stewed
41. Loaded
42. Churned
43. Blown
44. Piped
45. Chopped
46. Tweaked
47. Torched
48. Warped
49. Silly
50. Chalked
51. Wrecked
52. Drugged
53. Spacey
54. Smacked
55. Chipped
56. Whipped
57. Cheeky
58. Steamed
59. Hashed
60. Bhanged
61. Floored
'Dude, I'm so high right now.'
'Yeah bro, that sensi was dank. I'm ripped.'
by iSmoke24 September 26, 2009
There are several phases to getting high off marijuana:
1. Head Change: after hitting it once or twice you start to feel somewhat light, maybe carefree, or that you're head is buzzing
2. Chillen- you are suddenly calm and relaxed
3. Buzzin- things might start to be funny and suddenly everything seems to be from a different perspective
4. HIGH- you've finally achieved your goal! you're probably laughing at every word that comes out of your friend's mouth and your eyes are probably bloodshot and squinty by this point- congrats!
5. Trippin- this state is past high- and you usually have to smoke a lot more to achieve this state. You're probably start saying weird things and having insane thoughts. This can also be associated with a body high where you feel crazy sensation- uncontrollable laughter is still taking place
6. FAAADDEEDDD- where youre so faded that all you can say is BRO, IM FAAAADDDEDD
7. So Fucking High- this is usually where you are simply too retarded to do anything other than laugh at stupid shit or listen to music and eat. This is a great point, but the comedown is probably going to be a bitch
8. Baked/Stoned- after achieving a great high, this phase is the begginning of the comdown where all you want to do is eat and sleep.
"That chronic made me choke, shit that aint a joke"
"You high?"
by k lacito April 27, 2009
A wonderful state of mind. Its like you become aware and unaware of your surroundings more.

I've noticed that there can be silences among the smokers after smoking, of which is not an awkward silence, but that everyone is merely in such deep thought, that there is no need for conversation. Then someone will speak up and say some random thing and there will be a 10 minute long conversation about it by everyone.

I've also noticed that the song "I want you (she's so heavy)" by The Beatles is a wonderful song to listen to while stoned.

pretty much it is the most wonderful and fun feeling you can ever have.

so go buy some weed, light a joint, and toke up.

Smoker 1: "This is some dank weed"

Smoker 2: "Oh shit, im so high right now"
by Rockinoutt January 07, 2009
When you first forget that you are high. Then remember that you are high. Question if you really are high. Then you realize that you are talking to yourself and that you are high.
*giggle* I am so fucking highhhhh...i think.
by pimpwithamission January 17, 2010
what you should aspire to be for a good 99% of your waking hours.what i am right now,and always will be!it's a fabulous feeling...like curling up under one of those heated blankets on a really cold day.it's really hard to explain.it's something you need to experience to truly define.
"we smoked a most fantastic blunt and we're so high we had sex...for hours"

"the six-footer always hits the spot,and gets me high in one hit"
by tori d December 06, 2007
Well, there is only one word to describe high:Woah. When you smoke weed it gets to your head and puts extra endorphins in your brain, which make you extremely happy. Extremely. Different people have different levels. When I get high, I get really high. Especially in the car......but anyway.....You get happy and peaceful and nice. Everything seems better.
Wow man, I love getting high.
by jjrobinson. January 17, 2009
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