Under the influence of marijuana. Everything seems to slow down, and become better. Music seems much better, and you seem to understand it more. While high people may experience enhanced creativity and artistic skills. A high individual can still function, however he/she will not be crisp. Some people are able to drive as good as normal, because they are aware of the imparement, and are able to control themselves. A high can last from 40 minutes to several hours, depending on the quality, strain, and method of smoking(pipe, joint, blunt, bong, blades, lungs etc.) New users may experience a bad high, panic attacks, very red eyes, and coughing their heads off.
I got so high today, I felt like I was on a boat.
by Spliffy LongBlunt June 27, 2006
being high is probably one of the funnest things you can do. you simply cannot deny that if you smoke. if you don’t smoke, don’t continue to read this. you will not comprehend anything you are about to read.

when you are high, your life becomes so much more vulnerable to fun and excitement, the littlest things become too entertaining to describe.

t.v. is always so much more entertaining when under the influence of marijuana; for example:

music videos always seem SO much more amazing.

random, annoying t.v. shows that normally seem irritating and scripted, such as maury or jerry springer, all of a sudden seem SO enthralling and intense.

you also discover what shows and movies were written by people whom were high.

every show has someone who 'looks like someone you know'.

you discover that a black women's restriction to beating their boyfriend’s ass is to bounce their knees up and down on their chair real quick and bob their head around a lot and swear and wave their arms. they also repeat sentences or numerous words over and over again. like, 'oh you already know, you already know'.

background music in commercials are incredibly fun to dance to. it all sounds like techno for some reason.

shows like family guy and movies like half baked finally make SO much sense. matter of fact, so does a lot of other things.

eating is always much more pleasurable,
every food seems exotic and foreign in taste.

eating seems to bring down your high though, and makes it seem much shorter. you may discover not eating makes your high seem SO much longer.

you consume things you normally never would have, and wonder how you lived without it.

every food you can't stop eating is automatically you're legit 'munchie food'

you recall past memories from your childhood that you hadn't thought about in years.

you know you're high when you do random little jigs to yourself.

houses you’ve rarely been in are especially fun when you’re high.

almost everyone goes through the ‘laughing fit’, where you laugh so hard over absolutely nothing that your insides are completely sore. this is rare after a long time of smoking, though.

an intense feeling of confusion inserts into your brain and you find simple things like rainfall to be ridiculously hard to understand and interesting.

being your complete self doesn't seem that hard to do anymore.

there’s almost always a permanent smile on your face, it’s hard to make it go away, even while your preparing the 4 bags of tostitos to make nachos for 2.

you have consistent 'revelations' and try your hardest to explain what you found out.

everyone, and everyTHING, you see, ‘knows’ you’re high, from your younger brother who walked by and said ‘what’s up’ to the squirrel you had to pass by on the way back inside.

you spray every febreeze, axe can, and perfume bottle you see on everyone and everything you feel smoke smell is evaporating off of.

not a lot seems to be bothering you anymore, and tomorrow seems light-years away. you just want to live for the moment.

insignificant, diminutive noises, such as birds chirping, seem very loud and unnoticed before that very moment.

when you are high, music sounds overall godlike.

parts or solo's in songs occur, but you've never once heard of them before. being high made you listen.

dancing comes as natural as breathing.

strobe lights/and or black lights always enhance your dancing mood.

be careful when amongst parents or other weed-hating people, it may be very obvious you are under the influence of such grand highness. your eyes will be very glossy, almost looking like that of a doll. they are also slightly tinted red, a dead give away. not to mention how tired and squinty they will be. the smell of weed smoke doesn’t last as long as that of a cigarette’s, but it is still always good to spray and maybe use a few eye drops.

most common terms for weed consist of:
and obviously plenty of others

remember, this fascinating plant came from this earth, and it’d be a tragedy to waste it’s valuable recourses.

blaze on!
i just picked up mad bud, let's go smoke a bowl & get high!
by cindyyyy69 February 14, 2008
After inhaling the cannabis, you will feel somewhat fuzzy, like your body is outlined with a tingly sensation. Once this occurs you know you are only beginning to feel the high. After many more tokes, you will say to yourself: "Yes, I am getting higher and higher." When it all sets in and you've become "stoned" your eyes begin to become squinty and dry. The world now, may look like a skipping movie, or it may seem as if you are watching your own life on television. When someone's talking it is also normal to actually hear the words 2-3 seconds after they have said it. Eventually you may think of random funny moments in your life, and begin to laugh out loud for an unnecessary amount of time. And of course the people your with will say, "haha your really high aren't you?" And you think yes, yes i am (but you just laugh instead of saying yes). The conversations that you hear when you are high will have much more meaning than when you are sober and maybe even a little confusing. If you think of a story to tell and forget what you were going to say to everyone don't be surprised- for everyone has surely done this. Once you forget you will try to remember your story for about 15 minutes (or 1 minute but it'll seem like 15) and you'll realize that it is honestly impossible to recall it from your memory at the moment. So, instead, you continue watching TV. When you are watching TV or video games ect, it may be too much to bare. Two minute commercials will last about 10 minutes each in the state that you are in. And during video games your eyeballs are too slow to follow the people running/fighting. When you are high, I've experienced anyways that you talk to yourself in your head a lot more. You may be talking to yourself and realize how stupid your thoughts and comments are, and thank yourself that you didn't say any of that shit out loud. Tripping, and a loss of coordination is also a side effect. You may experience jerkier movements. "The munchies" is the best side effect. During this stage I believe that your stomach goes numb because no matter how much you eat it seems to never get enough. Your mouth begins to water and every bite tastes like the first and everything you eat seems five times better. It seems like you're not eating that much at the time, but when you think back, you ate a lot! Then eventually you say alright that's enough food I guess I don't want to weigh 400 lbs tomorrow. Usually after the eating stage, you will begin to feel tired or your eyelids feel as if they weigh 5 pounds each and you absolutely must close them. Yes, if feels so good! Once this happens you are down for the count, and will eventually pass out and you will have the best sleep of your life.
If you haven't been high, I HIGHLY recommend it.
by Toni44 July 29, 2007
It's all about feeling good, feeling chill. Simply breathing and feeling a smile come on simply because you're content. Looking around and seeing the good. Bad doesn't exist. Just joy. Just laughter. Pure elation. Satisfaction over life. No worries. Pureness and wholesomeness. The people you see, the music you hear, the things you touch are of better quality. Everything is lovely. You have peace. You have to be there. I love going.
Listen to "Get Ready" by Sublime while you're high.
by Ben Choyyy June 04, 2007
A cool sayin some guy made up:

sex, drugs, rock n roll,
speed, weed, birth control,
lifes a bitch,
then you die,
so fuck this world,
and lets get high ! ! !
Ok... lets get high.
by fub February 25, 2004
Probably the best experience in the world. But its so hard to explain, kind of like a dream but so much better.
I\'m going out and getting high.
by DeStRuCtErSback April 26, 2005
The feeling you get after smoking sweet, sweet Mary Jane. Vaporizers, joints, blunts, bowls, bongs -- it don't matter, 'cause we're high! It's hard to explain if you've never tried weed before, but here it is:

1. Voice
Before it really sinks in, everything's just really funny; you're high, they're high, and somehow, that's really funny. Words that never seemed humorous are suddenly the shit and words that never made sense together now make perfect sense. Forgetting things is frequent; you'll be mid-sentence, forget the sentence, struggle to remember, forget that you were trying to remember something, then make a whole new sentence.
Some people talk louder without realizing it when they're high; others get quieter.

2. Hearing
Music sounds amazing; like it's all around you, coming at you from all directions. Almost like a movie theater. You're so out of it you even think YOU sound good singing.

3. Vision
Things may look almost holographic, like they're popping out at you. That's probably because your eyes are mad big. People seem to look a lot hotter than before, and you may also feel like people are watching you.. Trust me, they are.

4. Taste
If you're high at all, you'll be hungry. Try not to go too insane -- you'll regret it when you're sober. One thing I noticed is that everything tastes 1000000x better; stronger, I guess.

5. Touch
You're incredibly self-aware; you have this warm feeling of security all around you. Cold things may not feel cold or hot things may not feel hot.

6. Behavior
People who are normally not affectionate are suddenly all over each other. Stoner hugs are commonplace. You might have deep thoughts or you might think total nonsense. You're often incredibly gullible, which makes it ridiculously easy to trip someone out. Some people have mood swings when they're high; they'll get paranoid or throw a hissy fit over random shit.

7. Balance/Coordination
There really isn't any. Holding onto other people isn't just for the affection but to stay off your ass. The ground often feels tilted to the right or left, or the world may seem to spin around you.

8. Memory
None of that, either. You'll often leave stuff places and forget where you put it, or think you left something somewhere when it's actually in your hand. It may be hard to remember what you did when you were high once you've sobered up.

9. General Feeling
A feeling of content bliss. Time passes really slowly and that's just the way you like it. Nothing can possibly go wrong. You really don't give a damn what's going on around you; the feeling's all encompassing. Zombie invasion? Okay, then. Terrorist bomb? That's great. Apocalypse? Not today, 'cause God loves you tokers!

Some other terms are; baked, toked, stoned
I'm so high right now; I smoked three joints.
by Alii Adrenaline<3 December 30, 2008
The state I live my life in.
"Diego is high all the time."
by Diego August 31, 2003
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