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A combination of "hindu" and "nigga."
Higgas are mad chill and are usually indians.
HIGGAS also refers to a group named as "Humble Indians Glorifying Ganesh and Shiva."

Most higgas claim to be brahmins, but there is no class limitation of being a higga (even untouchables). The word is not offensive and can be spoken by people of other race. The word higga was created by an Asian girl who wanted to become close with her indian classmates. Higgas usually recognize each other by their unique swagger. They often talk about the vedas and their indian culture.
Park: yo higga, did you read your vedas?

Simon: OH MY VISHNU!! I forgot to read them!

Park: wow, I'm disappointed. I might not call you higga anymore.
by hindu nigga December 18, 2011
Higga is a term for a hispanic nigga aka higga
"Thas my Higga Ross Flores right there homie!"
by G-Spade April 18, 2005
a hindu "brother"; the equivalent of the term African-Americans use casually, to connect to one another.
Wassup my higga?
by Sidd S October 29, 2003
A slang word for Koreans who are dumb and/or cannot drive well. The term is derived from a combination of the Korean word for Korea (Hanguk) and the term 'wigga'.
"That damn higga almost ran over me! She had her sunglasses on and had no headlights on at midnight."

"I woke up at 7:30am to that damn higga shuffle again!"

by Chad Geib October 24, 2006
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