Some Kick Ass Oakland Rappers.
Hieroglyphics is pimp fo sho
by zic July 22, 2003
Top Definition
an underground crew comprising of underground rappers like del that funkee homosapien, pep love, casual, souls of mischeif, domino, and goapele
by Kc August 27, 2003
a writing system made up of a combination of pictures and sound symbols.
the combination of pictures and sound symbols created a complex writing system. (HIEROGLYPHICS)
by ladiva1234😂✌ January 14, 2016
n: A form of writing used by Ancient Egyptians.
adj: means complex
I spit shit, slick shit, so quick you miss it. To be specific I go ballistic it's hieroglyphic.
by destro April 03, 2005
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