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A girl that like to have a guy shit on her chest after sex.
That girl is a real hickman, she loves to get shitted on.
by Jeff March 07, 2005
to do a hickman, to say something incredibly stupid at any given moment.
when wndering through a corridor and proclaiming I WANT TO RIDE MY BIKE!! oooh HICKMAN!!!
by jameshickman March 11, 2009
1) a Texas Hold'em straight containing only 4 cards in a continuous run.

2) An adjective to describe sub-par chicken wings.
"Wheres the fucking cook, these wings are Hickmans"
by Jeff Manuel May 27, 2007
A person from manchester who wants to be scouser
Wes is a definately Hickman
by John Battersley March 21, 2006