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doin da nasty - sexual intercourse..

gettin yo freak on!
You gon' do the hibbidy dibbidy with that girl?
by Petie Kay November 28, 2004
30 15

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1. Having sexual intercourse.

2. Acting crazy; worked up or in a snit; jumping around all nimbly-bimbly
I told Joe to calm down and stop acting all hibbidy dibbidy.
by Rod Farva January 27, 2004
14 14
having sex with some chick!! hardcore sex!!
me and Jill did the Hibbidy-Dibbidy last night!
by the man of all knowledge December 23, 2008
0 2
When two homosapiens have any type of sexual intercourse.
Damn bitch you supa fine! Id like ta pull up tp dat bump and smack that monkey!
by Patrick C, yes its me stephy February 19, 2004
9 18